Agakê-Family Desktop & Webfont

Agakê is a typography for comics with 03 weights, variations in italics and shadow. It has 432 glyphs with support for multiple languages and was designed to adapt to a variety of styles and narrative genres, whether adventure, fiction, graphic novel or even superhero.

Traditionally, the typeface in the comics are applied in capital letters, seeking the optimization of the space without losing the readability. But Agakê was designed to work also in lowercase, allowing a greater number of combinations and an incredible reading experience.

Valuing the foundations of the graphic narrative, Agakê obtains total harmony next to the most diverse styles of illustration of the comic books.


Family: Agakê
Format: OpenType OTF
Version: Version 1.000
Glyphs: 432
Idiomas suportados: Western Europe, Central / Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian


Download the Specimen in PDF:
>>>| Specimen_AGAKÊ

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog